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Thank You for visiting Diverse Kids Books –formerly Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Review. 

We give all children an opportunity to get to know (through reading) diverse children with our

Our resources feature protagonists who fall into all categories of underrepresented racial, religious, and family structure groups. We also pay special attention to books featuring the following protagonists who have been ignored even more than other underrepresented protagonists:

1. bilingual/ duocultural/ immigrant or child of immigrants

2. biracial/ mixed racial heritage

3. differently abled and special thinkers

4. gender non-conforming

5. lgbt parents

6. single/absent/divorced parents

7.  transracially adopted

We are a nation and a world with many different children and people. The books listed and reviewed, photos, videos, and the ‘zine on this site give everyone an opportunity to hear all our  children’s voices and see all our children living regular, and sometimes, magical lives.

All books are categorized according to the protagonist’s type of family composition or diverse identity. Click on the tabs at the top or either side of the page to find the protagonist category of your interest.

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If you have no preferences and just want to see all the great, diverse books, scroll through the blog.

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