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MDR Submissions

Submissions to MDR should be emailed as an attachment to MixedDiversityReads(at)gmail(dot)com

The subject line should say

“Submissions” and the type of work

Example:  Subject: Submissions–poem

Writing,  Video, and Art Submissions Guidelines for MDR

The Writer or Artist can be a child or an adult.

You can submit your art, writing,  or an original storytelling/poetry recitation on video.

The subject or protagonist must be a child (0-14) that falls into one or more of the categories of the books we review.

Your submission  does not have to discuss the “issues”  of being different -although those stories are welcome.

Your submission does need to make it clear that the protagonist or subject is a child (0-17) who is one of the following

  • of mixed heritage (biracial/multiracial),
  • in a bilingual,  duocultural, or  immigrant family
  • transracial adoptee or sibling of a transracial adoptee,
  • differently abled or special thinker
  • being raised by a single parent,
  • being raised by gay or lesbian parents OR
  • is gender non-conforming.

Please let us know if the work is a simultaneous submission (for those who are new to the writing/publishing world that means let us know if you are submitting the writing/art/video to other magazines and publishers) and if it is published by another venue, please let us know immediately.


What Can I  Submit?

1. Children’s Stories – between 500- 5000 words-they can be illustrated or do not have to be illustrated, appropriate reading for the picture book, middle grade, or YA audience.

2. Children’s Poems — no longer than 200 words.

3. Videos of kids or adult story tellers reading or reciting an original story or poem, or  narrating an original story being performed by others through skit or movement — no longer than 6 minutes (in .mp3 or .mp4 format)

4.  An image of Art in .jpg format.


Important legal disclaimer: All work submitted to MDR magazine becomes the property of MDR magazine and its’ parent organization and MDR magazine or its parent organization have the right to use the writing and images accepted for publication at its parent organization’s discretion. All rights will revert back to author after publication and author retains the right to be notified of the use of work.  Writing and art can be submitted by children or adults, professional, or emerging artists, videographers and writers. By submitting writing or art, you’re agreeing to MDR’s terms of service, which are: you relinquish rights to monetary compensation from MDR and its parent organization for the work you submit and give MDR and its parent organization freedom to use your submissions related to publicizing or publishing MDR and Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Review.





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