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Volunteers Needed

Diverse Kids Books  Needs Volunteer Writers and Unpaid Interns

If you are interested in being a staff or guest book reviewer, or intern, email us at DiverseKidsBook(at)gmail(dot)com.


Book Reviewers

Let us know whether you are interested in reviewing Picture Books, Chapter Books, Middle Grade Novels, or Young Adult Novels. We also get the occasional MG or YA graphic novel or comic book so let us know if you are interested in reviewing those in addition to the other categories. Finally, we need writers who are interested in reviewing children’s TV shows and movies in addition to reviewing books.

We also need Publicity, Research,  Interns

Publicity Intern: this is a great opportunity for any student with strong communication skills and 5-10 hours per week to dedicate to finding and contacting publishers, schools, libraries, various local, regional, and national community contacts, social media groups and blogs to create a relationship between contacts and Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Review

Research Intern: Primary job is to look through the catalogs of different publishers for books that fit within the categories to which we are dedicated and create lists of books for us to request as review copies.

Writing Interns: Seeking good writers with strong factual research skills and a familiarity with blogging and interview writing styles.

‘Zine Editor: Our goal is to publish a biannual ‘Zine of Children’s Diversity Writing.  The ‘Zine needs an editor. Previous experience is valuable but any one with the time to dedicate and an eye for good writing for, or by children will be considered.

Important legal disclaimer for Book Reviewers: All work submitted to Diverse Kids Books, Diverse Kids Books–Reviews, or  Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Review (collectively, “MDRCBR”) becomes the property of MDRCBR and MDRCBR has the right to use the writing and images accepted for publication at its parent organization’s discretion. All rights will revert back to author after publication and author retains the right to be notified of the use of work.  By submitting writing you’re agreeing to MDRCBR’s terms of service, which are: you relinquish rights to monetary compensation from MDRCBR and its parent organization for the work you submit and give MDRCBR and its parent organization freedom to use your submissions related to publicizing or publishing MDR magazine, Mixed Diversity Reads Children’s Book Review, and any venture of the parent company of MDRCBR.

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