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Book Review for My Princess Boy by Cheryl Kilodavis (Ages 3+)

Cover for My Princess BoyHeartwarmingly sentimental, a plea for compassion and acceptance of a child who is different and an illustration of a child’s unique life all at once, the reader can feel that this story poured out from a mother’s heart on to the page. Princess Boy loves girl’s clothes and toys. His family loves him and supports him even as others outside the family laugh at him and them. The faceless illustrations make Princess Boy and his family universal. Will you, reader, accept and love Princess Boy?
In addition to being moved by the direct sensitivity of the narrative, the author’s message on the back cover and rear back flap are ones we all need to hear. Written by a mother to educate the children, parents, and teachers who may otherwise have bullied her four-year-old son, My Princess Boy enters your heart and expands it if it’s open and softens it if you were resistant to difference. At the preschool age children are adamantly trying to figure out the details of gender segregation, My Princess Boy involves a child’s senses in the lesson that pink is for boys, too and anybody can like dresses—values that I keep trying to teach my daughter. Whether you borrow it or buy it, it will definitely earn it’s place in your reading space and heart