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Book Review for Black, White, Just Right by Marguerite Davol

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Black, White, Just Right book coverThis book does a good job of presenting a full life of a multiracial family including answers to a child’s questions about how she is different from her parents without her ever having to state the questions. They do everything–a true “week in the life…” Downfall is that the text and illustration overtries to eliminate stereotypes by having the white father do a bunch of things that are stereotypically attributed to African Americans. The writing is set up so that only the last two couplets of the quatrains rhyme so that takes a minute to get used to but once you get use to the writing style, it flows. Also, the vocabulary is advanced enough that you can start reading it to your pre-schooler and keep it as a bedtime story until 3rd grade.  4 out of 5.


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