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If I Were Your Father by Margaret Park Bridges

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If I were your fatherThis book is a feel good conversation between father and son as the son shares his unrealistic imagination of what an ideal father should be and his father entertains the son’s musings as they move through the mundane activities of their day. The illustrations do not always coincide with the dialogue which may be a little confusing for children under five but red print for the son and blue print for the father’s words make it incredibly easy to know who is speaking through out. No matter what your family construct, you’re going to love the repartee between parent and child in this book but with no mother present, this is definitely a book with which children, especially sons of single fathers will be able to connect and of course is a good way to introduce the idea that some families are led by a single father to the children in your life.


Recommendation: Recommended; Ages 4+

Reviewer: Omilaju Miranda


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