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New Release– East Asian Baby Protagonist: Little Baby Buttercup by Linda Ashman

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 cover Little Baby ButtercupAs no father is ever mentioned or portrayed, Little Baby Buttercup and her mother seem to be a single parent family–a happy, adorable one. The rhymed lines by Linda Ashman and sweet illustrations by You Byun make this a pleasure to read: “Little Baby Buttercup, look how fast you’re growing up! Every day brings something new—lucky me, to be with you.”

From morning to evening, Baby Buttercup eats messily at her highchair, builds block towers, goes to the park, plays with a dog, hides from the rain, reads bedtime stories with Mommy, and falls asleep in her lap. For how scene-by-scene this book develops, one hopes that baby took a nap and they each had a chance to take baths. Any parent of a toddler (especially a single parent), however, knows not to take naptime or bathtime for granted.

Raising a child at all, and in particular as a single parent, is challenging and exhausting, but Little Baby Buttercup shows the positive in all the little things, even when breakfast is messy and baby trips and cries or is tackled by a wet dog. Little Baby Buttercup may be just the thing to lift a mother’s spirits during difficult nap times or long days and nights, a lovely reminder that they grow up so fast and we’re lucky to have them.

Reviewer: Yu-Han Chao

Recommendation: Highly Recommended for Ages 1+

To Be Released on January 29, 2015;

Reserve or Buy Your Copy Now.


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