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Perfect Lil Blends by Luke Whitehead

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cover for Perfect Lil BlendsPerfect Lil Blends: A Reality Book that Celebrates the Diversity  of Multicultural Children  is like a series of love letters from parents to their children accompanied by their children’s portraits. Compiled by Luke Whitehead, the founder of Mixed Nation, this is a photo essay of children of mixed heritage from almost every racial, cultural, and ethnic background. Yes, most of these children are exceptionally beautiful however, similar to, but more personal than, Kip Fulbeck’s photo essay book Mixed, each photo of a child is accompanied by a description of the child’s life interests and a note of dedication from the parents to the child, making this more than a vanity book of portraits. Perfect Lil Blends pulls at the readers’ heart strings by also including a parents’ dedicated message to their child with every portrait. Messages that impart everything from “you are my inspiration” to “don’t think you are better than anyone else”, to “remember and walk with the Creator”, give the reader insight also into the emotional lives of the parents of these children and the impact these children have made on their parents’ lives. While the photos showcase the physical representations of expected and surprising diversity as we see some children whose physical appearances and racial backgrounds seem rare amongst mixed heritage communities, in the true spirit of diversity, the parents’ words let us see that mixed heritage people are found in every hobby, religious practice, lifestyle, and areas of local and global community life. Whether you and your child are mixed or not, the openness of these children’s lives in the pages of Perfect Lil Blends, will give every child a person with whom to connect whose life, if not their heritage, reflects their own. Available only in digital form as a Kindle Book, the cost is very accessible and helps to support the community building efforts of Mixed Nation.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended for all ages 0-100

Reviewer: Omilaju Miranda

Buy at MixedNation.com ; Buy on Amazon


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